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ENTRY 12: DIALECT AND ACCENT- Videos analysis

On the first video, "The Inspector", who is a character of "The Pink Panther", was going to the U.S.A to learn American English because he wanted to learn to pronounce English correctly so that he did not seem suspicious when he travels around the world. But he did not manage to pronounce even a single sentence like "I would like to buy a hamburger"; after repeating several times, the teacher corrected him without success. The problem here is that the inspector is a native French and he cannot avoid his strong and very recognizable French accent, though he can speak English. This is due to the difference between  Latin languages and English language, in terms of word sounds. According to G. Yule the accent is influenced by the region or country we live in, and tells us where we come from.
     On the second video we can observe a group of students sharing an English class at college. It is typical that students at college or universities come from different parts of the country: in this case, they were from different regions in The USA. They were talking about the problems they had in grammar, vocabulary, or to interpret metaphors. This is an issue related to dialect, which is a variaty of Standard English and presents not only differences on grammar or vocabulary but it can also differ in pronunciation., according to G. Yule every language-user speaks with an accent that identifies where an individual speaker is from, regionally or socially.
     With respect to the third video, there is another example of accent in terms of how mispronunciation can be an obstacle for an individual who speaks a foreign language. Although the man claimed that he had studied English at an American university, he could not be understood by native English speakers. Therefore, the video had been subtitled during the interview to make it more comprehensible.The man who spoke with an arabic accent got offended and jeered at the journalist, saying he could not understand her English. "Speak English, please" he shouted. 


BOOK: Yule, G.(2006)The Study of Language. Chapters 18 & 19. U.K.:CUP.


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